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Easy fast bracelet using chain and memory wire

Updated: May 21, 2023

This bracelet is made with half ring of memory wire and short chains plus clasping & dangle.

This method allows the curved bracelet portion to stay in the front or back to your likes.

First, you cut slightly more than 1/2 ring. Use a bail maker or round nose pliers to create a double ring at one end. I make a double ring because it will have less chance of ring coming off the chain. Next, feed in the beads of choice. When it comes to beading, if you can't get the material through the hole, you can't finish a project so it will be a good idea to check the hole size/wire, cord, beading thread.

For memory wire use, try to keep 8mm and smaller as the curvature doesn't work well with long beads.

Some chains have large holes and can be used to extend the chain without adding an extension. make sure to check the clasp to chain hole.

You can premake the chain part of the bracelet so you can make quick bracelets that will fit your time if you sell and variety if for yourself. You can always match your outfit. :)

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1 Comment

I just made another large order but did not see the chain you used to make the "Easy fast bracelet using chain and memory wire". I have the memory wire & beads I bought from you , but no chains. Where can I get them? Thanks for always helping me be creative.

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