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Creating your own by copying a design.

Many times, like writer's block, we have trouble starting a design. I know I had many times stuck behind a half finished jewelry.

On the road of developing my own style, I looked at many designs on Etsy, and saw many beautiful perfect pieces of jewelry which I was not able to create on my own.

I deployed a different method to learn. I found that fashion jewelries that I can find online, have bones but not the complete style. I started to look for pieces I can make with the stash I have, and make my own version of the beautiful piece. Remember that as you make your own versions of inspirations, you can build your own style.

Yesterday, I saw in a Nordstrom fashion jewelry departmentthis beautiful cabochon octagonal necklace.

I absolutely fell in love with this necklace, but finding similar cabochons will be difficult, and I just got new beads delivered so I made my own version of this necklace which is below.

To make this necklace, bracelet and earrings, I suspect 45 pieces of these beads would do the job.

If you make a piece similar, I would love to see a picture! Please share with me.

Thank you!

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2 opmerkingen

That is so pretty and it looks so good on you!!❤️

K.S. Kim
K.S. Kim
29 mrt. 2023
Reageren op

Thank you! The beads will be available soon. Paul agreed to help so I may soon take some limited orders.

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