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Tips on wrapping pendant beads

I can honestly say that I am not a good wire wrapper. I found Ahn Lan Handmade on YouTube immensely helpful, and learned a lot, but there are a few steps that tutors don't tell you.

There are 2 important steps to wire work. One, you must "condition" your wire. Out of the spool the wire is fairly straight, but there are tiny bumps which turn into unsightly mistakes. I use three roller wire straightener and wrap the roller around the wire and while holding one side with a pair pliers, I pull and make tiny rotations and pull. You will end with a nicely arched wire. (this is good for 22 gauge and up. Any thinner wires, you can use any straightener.) This conditioning process leads you to beautiful lines. Two, before you start your wire work, make sure your wire will pass the hole. Bead holes are burred from two ends meeting in the middle. A lot of the times the holes do not match perfectly, making the wire unable to pass the middle of the bead. This will also ruin your wire so test with throw away part of the same wire.

Bonus, I often glue on a pretty bead to cover a lose end of the wire. I think the pendants get a face lift!

Leave a message if you would like additional tips! You guys are so quiet, let me know if these tips are good!

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