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Please be advised that contents on this page belongs to the artists.  Budget Beads is providing only the showcasing space to artists.

All transactions including shipping are handled between the buyer and the designer.


Introducing Sisters Shrry and Brenda

Sister's, Sherry Buit and Brenda Burton, welcome you to the Jewelry Niche.  Together they have a combined experience of 22 years in creating and designing jewelry 'made with you in mind' (italicize).  We are continually designing and honing new techniques and skills to bring you beautiful jewelry that will enhance the pure essence of beauty in every woman.

For Sherry the fascination started as a young girl while watching her father create a beautiful cameo spoon ring that she has to this day.    Once her children had grown Sherry found the desire was still strong and she began to experiment with colors and mediums, styles and stepping out of her comfort zone.  Today she is a true maker and loves every minute of designing. The result is undeniable.   Come take a look!

Brenda has had a long fascination with jewelry as well and followed a designer from a mall kiosk until moving away.  "I had designs in my head," says Brenda, "but no idea how to make them come alive.  Sherry taught me how and I have never looked back except how to make something even better."  Jewelry is a passion as necessary to create as breathing air.



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