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Please regularly shop, and when you finish collecting all your goodies, and send us an email or text or chat a PDF copy of the cart or screen shots of your entire cart showing each item selected , and write what you would like to pay - FAIR offer to us.  (No we cannot see your cart until abaondoned.)  We will get back to you with (1) acceptance (2) counter-offer.   If you do not know how to take screen shots on your phone or how to print to PDF, please contact me 480.923.5123.  I am around most of times.

How it works:

After the submission of the cart, we will send you either (1) acceptance of offer with a coupon code discounting to the amount offered by you or (2) counter offer with a coupon code discounting to the amount counter offered by us.

This method is chosen because it give you freedom to use the  coupon code  (acceptance/counter offer codes), AND this does not bind you to purchase.


We do not receive any credit card information except the last 4 digits of your credit card number (billing source) from the payment processing services.

Promotion 10/7/2022-11/6/2022
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